Mosquito Block - Non-Toxic Mosquito Insecticide



Effective for Up To 90 Days (Longer Lasting)

– Approved by NEA (National Environmental AgencySingapore)

– Approved by WHO (World Health Organisation)

– Approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

– Approved by NSF International, Application To Drinking Water Storages (National Sanitation Foundation)

– Does Not HarmFishes, Any Other Type Of Aquatic Plants Or Animals

– Zero Chemicals, 100% Non-Toxic

– Cheaper and Effective Solution Compared to Major Competitors Product $$$$$$$$

With No Harmful Toxins Or Chemicals, These Mosquito Blocks Are The First Of Its Kind To Be Developed And Approved ByNEA, WHO,FDA And NSF.

What Our Clients Say

[SG Stock] Fly Trap Reusable Bottle Bait Lure Insect Flies Pest Control Tool




Envirosafe Regular Fly Trap is one top-selling Outdoor Fly Trap .

After years in the game and significant research to ensure that the Envirosafe Fly trap delivers the most cost-effective and ease of use for catching annoying flies.

1 x Trap comes with 1 x Single Fly Attractant / Refill

This fly-trapping device is the benchmark for all Australians looking at controlling fly populations at their place.

The Envirosafe Fly Killer is the safest flycatcher because of its natural food-grade attractant. Making this the pesticide-free fly trap of choice. This also ensures that the trap will attract all varieties of flies and once they are inside the trap, they cannot get out.

Our fly killer works best when it is placed within 50cm of the ground. Flies like the heat and not a lot of wind, so a protected place in the sun is perfect. The flycatcher begins to give off an odour once it accumulates many flies, this also assists in attracting more flies to the fly-catching device.