Unique Silicone-based Liquid for Mosquito Control

It spreads across the surface of standing water – even large water bodies – and forms a very thin film. As silicones have a very low surface tension, the film prevents pupae and larvae from attaching themselves at the surface while attempting to breathe, causing them to drown. The product has a purely physical action and does not contain any toxic chemicals. Its strong spreading action ensures that it will move around vegetation and other obstacles on the surface, and it is highly resistant to wind or wave action. It is also unaffected by rain falling on the surface. Extensive trials around the world have shown that AquatainAMF is effective on the surface for up to 4 weeks. Silicon – the active ingredient in AquatainAMF – is one of the most widely used polymers in the world.
They are used in consumer products such as shampoos and lipsticks, medicinal and pharmaceutical products, industrial products such as waterproofing compounds, and even in food applications.

Liquid Packing sizes: from 1L,5L,20L& 200L

How Does AquatainAMF Compare to Other Mosquito Control Products?

Unlike bed nets and chemical spraying, which are aimed at adult mosquitoes, AquatainAMF is aimed at the mosquito breeding stages and is therefore complementary to these methods. In addition, as AquatainAMF has a physical reaction rather than a chemical reaction, mosquitoes cannot develop a resistance to it. This is a very important advantage, as there is emerging evidence that commonly used mosquito control measures are becoming ineffective.

Also has advantages over chemical and biological larvicides

  • Special application equipment is not needed
  • It can spread into areas of water which other larvicides can not access
  • It can be applied by the general public
  • Its efficacy is not affected in heavily polluted water
  • It has an impact on all stages of the breeding cycle – not just on one stage
  • Unlike chemical larvicides, it is non-toxic


Simply a blend of AquatianAMF and Bti

AquatainPLUS, simply a blend of AquatianAMF (our highly effective, non-toxic mosquito larvicide) and Bti (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis).

However, the young larvae of some mosquito species may take a few days to die. If it’s necessary to kill all larvae quickly, a complementary larvicide such as Bti (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) can be applied separately. Bti is known to have a swift effect on young larvae, but not on older larvae or pupae.

To combine the benefits of both products, we can offer an exciting product which we have called AquatainPLUS (formerly Total Impact): AquatainAMF with the addition of either 2% Bti as a liquid suspension. It’s called Total Impact because of its dramatic and rapid effect on immature mosquitoes.

Our flagship product, AquatainAMF, is highly effective on all stages of the mosquito lifecycle.
AquatainAMF has been certified by NSF International for application to drinking water storages. NSF International is the world’s leading certification authority for drinking water chemicals. Bti is also a safe product and is probably the most common larvicide is used today.

AquatainPLUS …..

bringing together the benefits of AquatainAMF and Bti into a single package!

One application of AquatainPLUS should be sufficient to cause rapid mortality of pupae and larvae and be effective for at least 30 days.

Liquid Packing sizes: from 1L,5L,20L& 200L

Application Methods & Rates

For Large water bodies

For standing water in ponds and larger water bodies apply at a rate of 1 litre per 1000 square meters.

For Small water bodies

For standing water in drains, gutters, water tanks, old tyres etc apply at a rate of 1 ml per 1000 square meters. (As guide a teaspoon holds 5ml). Repeat application in 4 weeks.


AquatainPLUS is classified as non-hazardous and non-toxic. Use reasonable care and store away oxidizing materials.


Without Nasty Chemicals and Effective for at least 3 months.

MosquitoBlocks, are small briquettes which contain AquatainAMF. Just snap off a piece, drop it into standing water, and it will slowly release the AquatainAMF as it breaks down. It is Effective for at least 3 months. As MosquitoBlocks are safe to use, the general public can get involved in mosquito control around their home or village. They are totally safe for people and animals, but deadly to mosquitoes. They can be used on any water containers – including permanent puddles, old tyres, small ponds, pot plant trays, air conditioner trays, and even sewer pits. Break off one piece for small containers and two pieces for lager containers Snap off one piece for small containers, and two pieces for larger containers (instructions are on the pack).

Pack sizes: 8 pieces per MosquitoBlock pack for domestic use.

Kill Mosquitoes Where They Breed…

MosquitoBlocks are small briquettes which contain AquatainAMF. Just drop a piece into standing water, and it will slowly release the AquatainAMF as the briquette breaks down. Effective for at least 3 months!