About Us

Universal Pest Control Solutions Pte Ltd (UPCS) is a locally established pest control company that provides pest control services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We commit to providing safe and effective pest control services for our customers.

At UPCS, we practice and incorporate traditional methods with new technology that swiftly eliminates pests. We also provide solutions that last. Pest control does not stop at eliminating current threats. Instead, We deal with the root cause of the problem to ensure unwanted guests do not return. Our team comprises a group of NEA- certified specialists trained to provide safe, efficient and mess-free solutions.


Providing a solution to eliminating pests in an environmentally-friendly way.

Primary Focus

Eradicating pests, such as mosquitoes, that are carriers of viruses, so that people have a safer world to live in.

People Safe. Pet Safe. Planet Safe.